we get snarky when the questions get stupid. hopefully this helps.

**Note: We are not going to be addressing any questions about whether or not Slenderman and all related material are real, except for right here:

Is Slenderman real?

It depends on how strongly you believe in the concept of a tulpa.  This is our same answer to questions about whether or not Marble Hornets or any other Slenderman-related material is real or not.  Questions like this will be deleted, presented with a link to this page, or answered in the most infuriating way we can think of at the time.  It’s not to be rude; it’s just that the question is already answered here. Thanks.

Have you played Slender?

Yes, and it was scary. We recommend it. However, we will not answer questions about the game itself. We are not your strategy guide. This is not a letsplay.

Hi, Slenderman! You are so frightening, are you watching me?

We aren’t Slenderman or roleplaying as Slenderman. This is just a blog about him.

What is a proxy?

Proxies are people Slenderman “acts” through, kind of. Like Masky and HABIT, to put it very bluntly.  Not a lot is known about proxies.  They generally are the secondary antagonist (or antagonists) besides Slendy in a series.

Who is HABIT?

This site should be able to answer your questions about HABIT: http://everymanhybrid.wikia.com/wiki/HABIT

What is the Rake?

This site should be able to answer your questions about the Rake: http://everymanhybrid.wikia.com/wiki/The_Rake

The Silence/the guy from Phantasm/the mannequin at work reminds me of Slenderman, because they wear a suit/have no face/any other number of comparisons!!

We agree that there are tons of things out there that remind us all of The Operator. It’s probably nothing to be scared of. Ok, you probably should be scared, but for different reasons. Feel free to send us any well thought-out comparisons, but keep in mind there are plenty we’ve seen before and we’d rather not clutter up the blog with repeats or just short basic analogies.

I saw an Operator symbol! Slenderman is in the area! OH NOOOO!!!

Pretty much the same for when you see an Operator symbol as when you see something similar to Slendy, as above. It’s a pretty common thing to see, and if you can take some good pictures, great. But that sign is used for many things, and just because you see it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being stalked.

When is the next Slenderman entry coming out?? Entry 34 was already 4 days ago!

Assuming you’re talking about Marble Hornets (which is NOT called Slenderman), we are not the creators, so we don’t know when the next entry is coming out. Generally, we make posts to this blog when we know an Entry is coming out soon, and if you haven’t seen us make a post then we probably don’t know either.

Did Marble Hornets create Slenderman?

No. Victor Surge on SomethingAwful did in the Create Paranormal Images thread.

Where can I download Slender?


Hollywood is ruining everything!! The Tall Man is bullshit! They’re going to kill it!

Lucky for you, The Tall Man has nothing to do with Slenderman.

Is it Slenderman, or Slender Man? Or The Slenderman? The Slender Man??

No matter how you say it, Slendy is Slendy.

Does it mean anything if you have a dream/nightmare about Slenderman?

Probably not, it probably just means you’re afraid. But if you have a dream about Slenderman along with some of the symptoms of Slendersickness, you might be in trouble.

That being said, we are not dream interpreters. If you want to share a particularly interesting or scary dream, feel free to Submit it, but don’t ask us to tell you what it means.

What are the symptoms of ‘Slendersickness’?


Inability to sleep
Camera malfunctions
Feeling cold
Urges to draw pictures
Memory loss
Periods of “time loss”
Urges to film yourself at all times

I have some of the symptoms of slender sickness, help!

Go to the doctor to find out if your Slender symptoms are mundane or if you need to worry about the paranormal. Keep your close friends informed so they know what’s happened if you vanish. Consider filming yourself to see if you can catch Slenderman or any proxies on camera.

Again, you have to remember that the (physical) symptoms could be completely mundane. You might just be sick. Check with a doctor to make sure you’re not coming down with something. Possibly something serious.

How do I survive a Slenderman attack?

No one knows how.  We do know that using a melee weapon and hitting him with a car do not work, courtesy of EverymanHYBRID, and that shooting him doesn’t work from Tribe Twelve.

I think Alex is ToTheArk because his name is Alex R Kralie! His initials are ARK!

That’s unverified.  No one knows for sure what his middle name is, or if it even starts with an R.

Do you have a list of helpful or interesting links?

Yes! Here it is:

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